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Reviews of DryBuddy 2

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"Really easy and works! 2 thumbs up!"

I got this system because it was portable. It really is and my son found it easy to carry and use. His friends did not notice it. At home it is really loud and I can hear it from 2 rooms away. The wired briefs are fantastic. Comfortable and works with just a little urine. It is so sensitive that we had to thoroughly dry our hands when putting the briefs on or they would alarm. 

2 thumbs up! 

2019-01-26 15:41:57 -

Best Momma, TN

"Excellent Product"

Excellent product. Helpful tool. Love the wireless feature. Works well. Easy to set up and use.

2019-01-28 10:47:01 -

Joel Dunn, MN

"A MUST have for girls."

A MUST have for girls.  We tried the sponsor with our daughters regular underwear with just okay results.  We purchased the briefs and not only is it more comfortable for her by far, but it also wakes her up IMMEDIATELY with just the slightest trace of urine, so no more changing the bed in the middle of the night, just changing into a new dry buddy brief.  I was worried my daughter would be self conscious about briefs since they look kind of like boy briefs.  Not a problem!  She loves how Comfortable they are and the confidence they give her!


2019-01-28 10:46:57 -

Kate S., NY

" I applaud and recommend DryBuddy."

Two months ago I purchased a DryBuddy1 with wetness sensing briefs and wasn't sure about how I should wash and dry them. I called DryBuddy and asked. I got a clear answer and also talked about my son and his sleeping habits. The rep I was talking with was very knowledgeable and gave me excellent advise and how to use the DryBuddy and what to look for with my son. The DryBuddy1 has an extremely loud alarm and very strong vibrations. My son never slept through even one alarm. And I could hear it very clearly from two rooms away with my door closed. When my son spoiled a brief while using it, DryBuddy was very good and prompt in taking care of it. DryBuddy has excellent products and are very good to work with. I applaud and recommend DryBuddy.

2019-01-28 10:46:54 -

Peter Calhoun, TN

"Excellent product and support."

My experience with DryBuddy has been excellent. I got the new DryBuddy1 for my 10 year old who has been having problems with incontinence. He does not have reliable control, and can empty his bladder at any time. He often does not realize or feel that this has happened, and so wears pull-ups even to school. It can be several hours before he realizes that this has happened and get a chance to clean himself. This has resulted in an almost continuous rash which is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

He has been using the DryBuddy1 at school and at home. When he feels the vibration, he gets the attention of his teacher. His teacher has been very understanding about the situation and lets him go and clean himself. He carries fresh briefs in a little bag and uses them after cleaning himself. In the last month this has resulted in his rash going away.

The support people at DryBuddy have also been very helpful in helping me to make full use of the features of the DryBuddy1, I did have occasional problems at night when the sensor did not appear to catch the wetness. They advised me that this can happen when a boy is sleeping on his side, so that the sensor does not get wet "in a rush." On their advise I got the wetness sensing briefs and the sensor has worked wonderfully every time.

I strongly recommend the DryBuddy1. This is a great device when used properly.

2019-01-28 10:46:50 -

Brown, MI

"Life Changer for Teenager with Multiple Disabilities "

We bought this system to use with our 15 year old son with multiple disabilities (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Non Verbal) to finally make toileting a life changing reality. After 11 years of doctors, psychologist, incontinent specialist, behavioral analyst and summer toileting trainings the DryBuddy System made it possible for us to catch the accidents and to teach him when to go (he was notorious for sneaking off to go). We have used the system day and night for the last 21 days. No more pull ups and only 1 accident in the last 7 days! DryBuddy Flex used with the Moisture Sensing Briefs at home began the process. The 90ft wireless range allowed him the flexibility to move about the house and backyard without annoying wires that he would have pulled off. DryBuddy 1 system gives us the opportunity to continue using the system while out in the community. The portability and size of the alarm is discrete enough that we are attaching it to his Augmentative Communication device for use at school and with his providers in the community. Both Alarms use the same sound of a Royal Trumpet, not a scary fire alarm. By using the same trumpet sounds for both alarms we do not have to teach the difference between home and community. The added bonus of the Dry Buddy 1 silent vibration mode means we could discreetly take it with us to places where you need the support but do not want to alert others. Wireless Magnetic Sensor was comfortable even with his sensory issues. He does not feel the need to pull it off and it can be attached to his regular store bought undies. Moisture sensing briefs are comfortable cotton. The lacing of the wires allowed it to sense both urine and feces making it possible to actually toilet train. The wire sensors are so soft and flexible the briefs feel like standard underwear and can withstand multiple washing. To ensure longevity of the briefs we hand washed as much as possible, though some were machine washed. Customer Service: Randy at Enuresis Solutions went above and beyond to help us find the right system combination to make this life changing venture possible. Dale and Amber S. Gilbert, Arizona

2019-01-28 10:46:46 -

Dale & Amber Shelton, Arizona

"Works very well with age 76 incontinence."

My good friend has been using the new DryBuddy1 for 2 months and loves it. She is 76 and has incontinence which causes her to wet without knowing that she has wet. She likes to go out and be with friends, but the embarrassment of “leaks” has been an issue. The DryBuddy1 has solved this. She attaches the wireless sensor to her briefs and carries the round flat wireless receiver in her pant pocket. When she wets, the receiver vibrates like a cell phone so she feels the vibration while no one else knows what has happened. This has changed her life where she is no longer worried about possible embarrassment. She uses it at home too so that she does not have to go and check herself every two hours, and can promptly dry herself whenever the wetting occurs. At night, so that she can be woken when wetting occurs, she places the receiver besides her pillow and sets the volume loud enough so that she can hear the alarm and switch it off.

This DryBuddy1 is a winner for her, and she asked me to recommend it for others who may have similar issues. Knowing how useful it is for her, I believe that the DryBuddy1 would be of great use to all persons who suffer from incontinence and may not be able to feel it or signal it to persons caring for them, including paraplegics or persons with communication difficulties.

2019-01-28 10:46:42 -

Elena, Missouri

"Good product!"

Good product - quality components and the kids can attach and set the alarm themselves.

2019-01-28 10:46:32 -

Price , Georgia

"Great customer service!!"

Thanks for getting back with me so quickly!! Great customer service!! My husband and I are both Chiropractors and we will definitely be recommending your product to our patients.

2019-01-28 10:46:29 -

Eve, Florida

"He has really turned a corner with this and it is all owed to the DryBuddy1 System. Thank you.."

I just wanted to write to let you know how thrilled we are with the DryBuddy1 System! We got it with Briefs. Our 7 year old began wearing it and within 10 days had his first dry night in probably his entire 7 years. After 2 1/2 weeks of use, he was dry every night and has not had an accident since. We are now on week 7 of completely dry nights and we are so excited. We kept holding our breath thinking this was too good to be true, but now it seems that he has really turned a corner with this and it is all owed to the DryBuddy1 System. Thank you so much!

2019-01-28 10:46:25 -

Sintel, Minnesota

"Worth every penny."

Our son (age 12) was diagnosed with a small bladder when he was 5 years old and is about the deepest sleeper I know. In his whole life he has maybe gone 5 nights without an accident. We had tried everything (diets that the urologist gave us, restricting water, waking him up, etc). Nothing has ever worked. On top of that, he wasn't just having one accident a night, it was multiple accidents. Every single night. And he frequently leaked during school and didn't realize it till he became really wet. This caused him to be teased by other kids. The DryBuddy1 has been a life saver. It was comfortable to use at home, and he also took it to school. Only his teacher knew when he asked to be excused. Within a month our son has improved a lot! He is now almost accident free. It has changed his life and our life (because I seriously was worried that this would be a problem forever). This was worth every penny and worked very well.

2019-01-28 10:46:19 -

G. Harmon, Wahington

"I cannot believe how well and how quickly this worked. DryBuddyy1 works beautifully."

I cannot believe how well and how quickly this worked. Our 9 year old boy wet just about every night. He had maybe 10 dry nights a year. We kept being told that he would eventually grow out of it, but he never did. We just settled into a daily routine of getting him into the shower every morning upon waking and washing the sheets. Vacations were bad when we stayed at family houses or hotels because he would have to wear a pull up while his younger sister did not. I could see his embarrassment. We finally figured we'd give a bed wetting alarm a try and chose DryBuddy1 because it was wireless. The briefs looked like they woiuld be the most comfortable way. We started 3 weeks ago and the alarm went off three times that first night. It then went off about twice a night for the next few nights. Then, about six days into using it, the alarm went off, but my son was insistent that he was dry. I realize now that my son was learning to stop wetting immediately upon hearing the alarm. So, although he thought he was dry, there must have been a few drops of urine that triggered the alarm. Then about eight days after using it, we had our first dry night. Maybe a couple more nights of the alarm going off, and then he just started having dry night after dry night. He has now been dry for 5 days. I wish I had documented it better, but I was thinking this process was going to take a couple of months. I never imagined it would only take a couple of weeks. I'm writing this today as he has not worn the alarm for 4 days. We keep waiting for a relapse but it hasn't happened yet. If it does, we will just start using the alarm again, but I really don't think it will happen beyond an occasional night here or there. I still can't wrap my head around how this works, but it clearly does. No joke, this may be the best money we've ever spent as a family.
Father of 9 year old boy

2019-01-28 10:46:14 -

Kevin Stanley, Massachusetts

"I wish all of you at DryBuddy the best. Your DryBuddy1 is a good product and you have helpful people."

I am very happy with the DryBuddy1 wireless bedwetting alarm that I purchased about in February. It worked very well and my son was dry within two weeks with minimum fuss. He found it very easy to use the sensor and set the alarm. It was so nice for him to place the receiver next to his pillow. The loud sound woke him (and us) every time Your order delivery was prompt. and you customer service very responsive. Overall, an excellent product and experience. I wish all of you at DryBuddy the best. You have a good product and good people.

2019-01-28 10:46:09 -

Andy Hopper, Pennsylvania