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Reviews of DryBuddyFLEX 3

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My nearly 11-year-old was starting to get anxious about Science Camp. I needed to find a solution. Bought the Flex 3 system with the buzzer. Glad I did because he hated the music waking him. Took about a week and for the first time in his life, he has had 5 dry nights in a row. Literally one week of using this system has worked! He (and his mother and I) are so pleased!

2019-01-26 15:38:49 -

Jay , CA

"This is a fabulous product which I highly recommend!"

I cannot believe how effective this system was for our son! It took just a few days for his body to learn to recognize the urge to urinate even in super deep sleep. We had previously done everything we could think of, even to the extent of waking him every couple of hours. Nothing else worked! Now he is free of the pullups, the liners, and the frustrations that go along with the whole situation. This is a fabulous product which I highly recommend!

2018-09-10 15:42:41 -

Stacey Riggs, TX

"Money well spent."

It’s pricey. Double the cost of a traditional wired device. But it’s a quality product, it works well, and is much more comfortable for my child without those wires. Money well spent to avoid the wires.

2018-07-25 16:34:18 -

N. F., MO

"Product worked exactly as expected. I definitely would recommend this to other families."

Product worked exactly as expected. We had no issues setting it up. Within a few days of starting to use the alarm, we saw improvement. Now my son has been completely dry for several nights in a row. Before he would soak a pullup through every single night. He is ten and on the autism spectrum. We are thrilled with the results, and my son is thrilled to finally be out of pullups. I definitely would recommend this to other families.

2018-06-23 23:47:30 -

Susan Lugar, Florida

"Worked very well. We are very grateful for the product. Thank you!"

Worked very well. Although the smallest size was still a little large for our 4 year old, these were still comfortable for her and worked as they should (we actually had her wear them over top of her underwear because of the size). We used the alarm with these briefs for about 2 months. The first week she had a few accidents. After that the alarm would wake her when just started to urinate so we could get her to the bathroom on time. Eventually she started waking on her own when (if) she needed to go. Now she has been accident free for over 2-3 months, so we can store it in the closet in case we need it for the next child. We are very grateful for the product. Thank you!

2018-04-29 06:34:42 -

William Rusniak, PA

"A MUST have for girls."

A MUST have for girls.  We tried the sponsor with our daughters regular underwear with just okay results.  We purchased the briefs and not only is it more comfortable for her by far, but it also wakes her up IMMEDIATELY with just the slightest trace of urine, so no more changing the bed in the middle of the night, just changing into a new dry buddy brief.  I was worried my daughter would be self conscious about briefs since they look kind of like boy briefs.  Not a problem!  She loves how Comfortable they are and the confidence they give her!


2019-01-28 10:46:57 -

Kate S., NY

"Helped our daughter - THANK YOU!"

My daughter won't go to sleepovers because she can't always control her bedwetting and gets embarrassed is her friends see her diaper-like underpants. We heard from friends that this system worked for their son so we decided to try it. And within a few days, my daughter feels so much more confident. It is so easy to set up and use - thanks to good directions - that she can do it herself. That alone makes her feel more confident. Even my skeptical husband believes it money well spent. The stress level in our house has dropped considerably! We will also be recommending this to a family member who's autistic son has a similar problem.

2017-12-03 13:28:23 -

Abby Wood, VA

"Very easy to use. Lots of features."

DryBuddyFLEX 3 really is easy to use out of the box, when it is a basic wireless system but with much better wireless range than any other wireless alarm. Even here, it has more fetaures than competitors. This outstanding range alowed my child to roam throughout the house and not be concerned about distance. He even used it while playing outside in the yard and there was no problem. The loudness is outstanding, and we had to turn the volume down. In the 15 days that it took him to be dry, we had no false alarms or misses. We give DryBuddyFLEX 3 5-stars and strongly recommend it.

2017-11-12 13:23:01 -

Jim Madison, Iowa