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Reviews of DryBuddyFLEX 2

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The DryBuddyFLEX2 works like a charm! My son was 9 years old and had only a handful of dry nights in his entire life. The urologist told us that the problem would either solve itself with his physical maturity or that we could intervene with behavioral therapy in the form of a bed wetting alarm. I researched all the options for bed wetting alarms and I choose DryBuddyFLEX2 because of the wireless features and its good reviews. I was not disappointed. The first night was difficult with my son wetting himself 5 times. After a few days, my son reduced his wettings to twice a night and then by the end of 2 weeks, he was having dry nights. The nicest surprise was the customer service that I received from the company. They were always very responsive, informative, and supportive. I had to have two of the briefts replaced because they had ripped and the company replaced them promptly without any questions asked. This was the best $100 that I ever spent. Thank you DryBuddy!

2017-12-04 19:08:02 -

Linda Nguyen, CA

"My son loves it. Very comfortable and easy to use. DryBuddy support was very helpful."

My son 8 hated the idea of using a bedweeting alarm. We eventually peruaded him to try one. Our discussion with him made a wireless alarm important. A reliable alarm that would work every time and be easy to use was also very important. So we got the DryBuddyFLEX with DryBuddy briefs.

My son finds them very comfortble and easy to use.  It went off every night for the first 12 days, sometimes more than one time. Then he started getting control. After 25 days he is dry. 

We kept the alarm out of his reach so that he could only stop it with using the remote which we kep in the bathroom. The alarm was so loud that he would get up fast and rush to the bathroom to turn the alarm off with the remote. Then he wuld empty himself. This worked very well and I must say that this system is excellent. I caution other users that they use the instructions, and call DryBuddy if there is any confusion about using it. We called DryBuddy the day after getting it to get advise on uing it right. Their support staff was very good and very helpful.


2017-08-13 03:48:28 -

Paul Sanders, Texas

"DryBuddyFLEX is the best product ever!!!! We love it!!"

The Dry Buddy Flex is the best product ever!!!! My son is severally disabled can't walk or talk and eats from a feeding tube. This product is a life changer, we are so happy. Troy can go hours dry- then flood , now we can keep him dry and comfortable with Dry Buddy Flex!!! We love the trumpet alarm (reminds us of Disneyland- We actually march!!) Thank you for creating such a miraculous product! We Love it!! Mickey Neuner Lathrop Ca

2017-07-18 21:52:13 -

Mickey Neuner, Ca

"Life Changer for Teenager with Multiple Disabilities "

We bought this system to use with our 15 year old son with multiple disabilities (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Non Verbal) to finally make toileting a life changing reality. After 11 years of doctors, psychologist, incontinent specialist, behavioral analyst and summer toileting trainings the DryBuddy System made it possible for us to catch the accidents and to teach him when to go (he was notorious for sneaking off to go). We have used the system day and night for the last 21 days. No more pull ups and only 1 accident in the last 7 days! DryBuddy Flex used with the Moisture Sensing Briefs at home began the process. The 90ft wireless range allowed him the flexibility to move about the house and backyard without annoying wires that he would have pulled off. DryBuddy 1 system gives us the opportunity to continue using the system while out in the community. The portability and size of the alarm is discrete enough that we are attaching it to his Augmentative Communication device for use at school and with his providers in the community. Both Alarms use the same sound of a Royal Trumpet, not a scary fire alarm. By using the same trumpet sounds for both alarms we do not have to teach the difference between home and community. The added bonus of the Dry Buddy 1 silent vibration mode means we could discreetly take it with us to places where you need the support but do not want to alert others. Wireless Magnetic Sensor was comfortable even with his sensory issues. He does not feel the need to pull it off and it can be attached to his regular store bought undies. Moisture sensing briefs are comfortable cotton. The lacing of the wires allowed it to sense both urine and feces making it possible to actually toilet train. The wire sensors are so soft and flexible the briefs feel like standard underwear and can withstand multiple washing. To ensure longevity of the briefs we hand washed as much as possible, though some were machine washed. Customer Service: Randy at Enuresis Solutions went above and beyond to help us find the right system combination to make this life changing venture possible. Dale and Amber S. Gilbert, Arizona

2019-01-28 10:46:46 -

Dale & Amber Shelton, Arizona

"Very good quality briefs. Works well. Strongly recommended. A+"

I got these extra DryBuddy briefs for my son to use with his DryBuddyFLEX. They are very well made. The wires are completely hidden in the cloth and cannot be felt when wearing them. The material of the briefs is thick and very soft, so that the briefs are very comfortable to wear. I have not seen any briefs in stores with such thick and soft material cotton, so I called and asked DryBuddy if they made them without the wires. Unfortunately no. The wires on the briefs cover a huge area. So regardless of how my son is sleeping, the pee falls on the wired area and the briefs make the alarm sound. The sensor being attached to the waist band of the briefs if more comfortable than wearing it on the front of the briefs.
This is awesome. I strongly recommend it. A+

2017-04-15 14:40:43 -

Jenny, Arkansas

"DryBuddyFLEX 2. Unbelievable! "

It triggered something in my daughter's brain...we woke up twice to the alarm...after that she woke up on her own and has not had one accident ...it has been 1 month...unbelievable.

2017-03-18 00:05:28 -

Milo Reyes , California

"It is the first bed wetting alarm that has worked extremely well so far."

We are still in the process of working with the DryBuddy system. It is the first bed wetting alarm that has worked extremely well so far. We've tried 2 other systems that were frustrating to use and were unsuccessful.

2017-03-08 17:15:23 -

Ellen Exum, California

"They were able to use the Drybuddyflex without losing self esteem."

I used the DryBuddyflex system on my 11 year old and 14 year old....they were able to use the system without losing self esteem. Having the alarm in both rooms enabled us to help if needed, but not be intrusive.

I highly recommend this product.

2017-03-08 18:41:10 -

Suzzy, Pennsylvania

"After 6 weeks using the DryBuddy system our son was a different kid."

We had tried everything, even medication and it didn't help. After 6 weeks using the DryBuddy system our son was a different kid. He no longer has any issues with bed wetting and is more confident and can enjoy sleepovers.

2017-03-08 01:20:41 -

Stacy B, Vermont

"Drybuddyflex is the only thing that has worked!"

My daughter is an extremely deep sleeper and we've tried everything! DrybuddyFLEX was the only thing that has worked. The key is the alarm is in our room, so we could go wake her in the beginning. It did take a long time while and then she had a relapse, but once we put her back on the flex I think it truly was able to alter her deep sleeping. She is much happier now and we have one less thing to worry about in our busy life. Plus a few extra dollars from not washing the sheets so much. Thank you!

2017-03-08 17:10:10 -

Louise Coleman, Florida

"I would recommend the drybuddyflex to everyone and I have already talked with my pediatrician about it."

The DrybuddyFlex is a great system especially with an older child (8-9 years). You can explain to him the idea behind it and you can talk about the flex system in a way that makes them not so scared about it. It allows the child to “see” that his internal system is not waking him up to let him know he has to pee, so that for a while, he needs to rely on an external alarm system. Eventually, through conditioning, his internal alarm system will take over and he will no longer need the external one. It also allows the child to start to have some success right away. And the fact that the parent has an alarm too--one he/she can turn off--is great. I would recommend this Drybuddy to everyone and I have already talked with my pediatrician about it. What  the flex has done for my son's confidence is amazing.

2017-03-08 01:58:13 -

Sam Brighton, Michigan

"Within the first week we saw improvements."

The results we received by using the DryBuddyFLEX was amazing! It helped our son build confidence. Within the first week we saw improvements- he was waking up and going to the bathroom on his own by the second week, and by the third week he was staying dry all night. Our doctor actually told us there is only about a 50% success rate with bed-wetting sensors- HE WAS WRONG!

2017-03-08 18:39:27 -

Curtis, Pennsylvania

"Drybuddy is one of those great hidden surprises. Keep up the good work!"

All customer service organizations aren't created equal and once in a while we, as consumers, get pleasantly surprised by great customer service. Drybuddy is one of those great hidden surprises. Keep up the good work!

2017-03-08 17:35:43 -

ED, Utah

"After 6-8 weeks of using Dry Buddy he has maintained several weeks of continuous dry nights!"

Our 1st son was completely potty-trained day & night by 3 yrs old, so when our 2nd son continued wetting his bed/pull-ups EVERY night through 5 & 6 years old to 7, we were concerned. The Dr. said “no need to be concerned until age 9”. However, with the cost of pull-ups & sleepovers with friends occurring more frequently, etc. & the fact that he hadn't had a single dry night, I wasn't convinced that waiting to see if he'd outgrow bedwetting over the next two years, would be a successful plan. The Dr. had mentioned an option of using an alarm method, so researched various products & selected the Dry Buddy FLEX. Our 1st discovery: he was an extremly heavy sleeper. The 1st couple of weeks were discouraging, the alarm would sound 2-3 times a night (we both work full time) & it'd take 5-10 minutes of shaking him, etc., to wake him so he'd use the rest room, change underwear & reset the alarm. We persisted & gradually he began waking up on his own when the alarm went off, eventually no longer needing our assistance & he was able to recognize the feeling of needing to urinate while asleep. I'm very happy to say we have a box of pull-ups leftover that are no longer needed!!! After 6-8 weeks of using Dry Buddy he has maintained several weeks of continuous dry nights!!! I'm more than satisfied with the results we had with this product.

2017-03-08 18:49:47 -

Lost in West Virginia, Virginia

"It’s nice to have a product work the way it’s supposed to."

Just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that in this day and age, it’s nice to have a product work the way it’s supposed to. In just 2 months, our grandson is no longer wetting the bed and rarely has the alarm gone off for the last 3 or 4 weeks. We make certain we take him to the bathroom at 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m., but again, we haven’t heard the alarm for at least a month. The biggest change is in our grandson’s self confidence and the way he feels about himself.
Unfortunately, most people don’t discuss this problem, but if I hear of anyone with the problem, believe me, I will give them a glowing recommendation.

2017-03-08 18:47:09 -

Rufus, South Dakota

"It works wonderfully!"

We used the DryBuddy 4 years ago for our older son. It worked fantastically; in four weeks he was dry. We now had occasion to use the DryBuddyFLEX 2 system for our younger son, who was wetting every night at age seven. Again the  system worked fantastically. The new wireless design is so much better than the old Wireless DryBuddy. It's been 4 weeks and he is completely dry and proudly wearing underwear at night! Thank you for this great system! I recommend it to everyone and have even told our pediatrician about it! He said alarms don't usually work - but that was before dry buddy!
Mother of two

2017-03-08 18:34:45 -

Tim Bullard, Connecticut

"This is so tremendous and convenient, that it is changing his life and mine"

My son is a very deep sleeper. I recently got DryBuddyFLEX 2 with 2 alarms to help treat him for his bedwetting, so that I could also be woken up in my bedroom when his alarm went off, without everyone else in the house also being woken up. Although his alarm is louder than any other bedwetting alarm that I have heard, it did not always wake him. Reading your FAQs I saw that I could use a bed shaker to wake him, in addition to the alarm you provided.That sounded perfect and I got it. I place it under my son's pillow, and when the DryBuddy turns it on, HE GETS UP! And on hearing my personal alarm sound when his do, I can turn everything off with my remote control, and then go supervise him. This is so tremendous and convenient, that it is changing his life and mine for the better very rapidly. Everyone else in the house stay asleep. Although he is not yet completely dry, I feel confident that this will happen soon. Meanwhile I had to write and tell you and your other readers and fans on how well this is working out for my family. I have been recommending DryBuddy to my friends and pediatrician. Thanks, and thanks again!

2017-03-08 17:20:22 -

Craig , Massachussetts

"Your DryBuddyFLEX 2016 system has been extremely successful and a pleasure to use"

I must start by saying that your DryBuddyFLEX 2 system has been extremely successful and a pleasure to use after our previous mishaps and experiences. We have two boys who have rarely had a dry night. We wanted to treat both of them. We have tried two other brands, one of which has been around for many years, and then a newer item which is made to sound like God's gift to humanity. Pardon the seeming sarcasm, but our frustration was at a very high level, and our children were not making much progress. And God's gift had a sensor that God certainly didn't design as it was painful to use and had the shortest life of any such device that we, or our friends, knew of. We also concluded that we really needed to be aware of when a child had a bedwetting accident, so that we could support him and also develop a personal sense of responsibility in him. Another issue that we face was that on hearing the alarm in their room we were sometimes confused about who had the accident (yes, we can be confused when woken from our sleep).
When we were told about the DryBuddyFLEX system by a friend and looked into it further, it had the features that we thought that we needed. We got two two-alarm systems for our boys, and they performed exactly as we hoped that they would. We loved having two alarms in our bedroom, one of which would turn on whenever a child had an accident. And we immediately knew which child it was because the little light on our alarm came on. And the remote was truly a blessing. We could turn off the sounding alarm without getting out of bed, and then get other things accomplished with our child. What a change from fumbling towards an alarm on the wall to push a button, or rushing to the children's room to stop the noise before it woke up the other child. After having had a remote for two months, I don't know how I managed without one. Frankly, even if I had to take care of only one child, the remote makes a world of difference.
The great news is that both of my children are dry in less than two months. My husband and I both believe that our being there to support them, if they needed it, really made a difference for the children. Our main objective in getting the DryBuddy systems has been fulfilled. And I am still wondering how so many other parents are enduring their nightly episodes without a remote. My life was MUCH easier with the remote. Actually using the DryBuddy system was very easy. And your service people must be complemented on their prompt and excellent answers and assistance. I sent an email about a question I had, and in less than five minutes I received a telephone call. Great service! And truly great product! Well worth our investment. We are recommending the DryBuddy to anyone we come across who has a bedwetting problem in their household. Even recommended it to an older friend who was having problems with incontinence with her father who was living with her. Keep up the good work!
Relieved Mother of Three

2017-03-08 01:29:32 -

G. Doak, North Carolina

"DryBuddy has now saved two generations of bedwetting in my family"

DryBuddy has now saved two generations of bedwetting in my family. My husband had been uncontrollably urinating almost every night since I had known him. Whenever I or his mother suggested that it should be treated, he would walk away and refuse to discuss it any further. He was not willing to talk with our doctor about. Our four year old son was also having these problems, and my mother-in-law told us that his father also had it. It must be a genetic thing. I talked with our doctor about his problem, and requested him to talk to my husband. Our doctor suggested to him that he should try DryBuddy, as two other patients in his practice had successfully used it. I was very positive about how it would help him, help us, and help our family. I think that to keep me and our doctor happy, he had me order a DryBuddyFLEX. We got a one alarm system, as he could certainly hear it and get up. Also, I could hear it in our bedroom. Within two weeks he noticed an improvement, which kept him encouraged. In about six weeks, he had stopped bedwetting. After two months we were confident that my husband overcome his problem. So both of us talked to our son about using DryBuddy. Now that his Dad could speak to him about how positive his experience with DryBuddy was, our son was eager to try it. To make matters more convenient for us, we separately ordered the second alarm unit, so that we would have a two alarm DryBuddy system. Having that second alarm near me and the remote to stop the alarms and go and help my son was wonderful. On day one I could imagine him solving his problem, but kept in mind that different people could take much longer. We are lucky that my son's problem was also solved within two months. Four months after having originally purchased DryBuddy, I am completely convinced that this problem has been solved with DryBuddy in our family. We also have confidence, that if a new member of our family has a wetting problem, DryBuddy will help them stop it as well. We are so happy with DryBuddy and how convenient it made stopping our family's problems, that I am giving excellent recommendations to everyone I know, including our doctors. Thanks, everyone at DryBuddy, for saving our family.

2017-04-20 13:21:13 -

Christie Ballard, New York

"I thank your DryBuddyFlex 2 for having made a significant positive impact on my life"

I am writing to you using a false name to explain how delighted I am with my DryBuddyFLEX 2. I am a senior citizen living in an assisted care facility. I suffer from incontinence. I also have a problem where I cannot adequately feel wetness in my loin area. I am embarrassed by my condition, and dislike having the staff checking me and discovering that I have wet myself. I am able to go to my bathroom and clean myself and change my clothes by myself. I wear waterproof pants or diapers over my briefs to help contain the urine. I am also hearing impaired and wear hearing aids when I am awake. About one month ago, I obtained a DryBuddyFLEX2 system from you with a bed shaker. I liked the idea of the little magnetic attachment, which I have found very easy to use. At night, when I remove my hearing aids, I keep the bed shaker under my pillow and turn the sound alarm off. The bed shaker wakes me up and I can go to the bathroom and clean and change myself. During the day, as I am mostly in my room, and I leave the sound alarm on so I can hear it wherever I may be in my room. The remote makes it very convenient to turn the alarm off as soon as I hear it. Since using the DryBuddy, I have not been caught "wet" by the staff. You cannot imagine how this has changed my self esteem. I thank you for having made a significant positive impact on my life.

2017-03-08 16:59:10 -

Norman, Washington

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