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"I'd highly recommend it."

We had borrowed a different brand of alarm for our daughter, and she stopped wetting the bed after 2 weeks of use. Our son was almost 5 and always wore a pull up to bed. I researched different alarms and ordered the dry buddy. It took about 3 weeks of use and our son is finally free of bed wetting. It works great! It was as effective as the more expensive alarm we had borrowed for our daughter and I'd highly recommend it to any parent whose child has trouble staying dry all night long.

2017-03-08 17:11:22 -

James Mason, Virginia

"Worked in less than two weeks."

Worked in less than two weeks. I did not always hear the DryBuddyEZ alarm but my 8 year old would come and get me. I thought the alarm would be louder but was actually glad that it was not if that makes sense.

2017-03-08 19:00:52 -

luke worsham

"This is wonderful, and has changed our lives for the better."

The DryBuddyEZ is the best and most affordable alarm that I know of. I got it for my son, who has been having a wetting problem all of his life. I could not afford any of the other alarms on the market, and when I saw everything that the DryBuddy could do for only $29.99, I decided to purchase it. And it has truly been a blessing for our family. It works well, and my son has no trouble with using it on his own. I had to help him and show how to use the DryBuddyEZ for the first 3 days. After that, I have only got up when I hear the alarm to make sure that my son gets up and cleans everything and sets up the alarm properly and again goes to sleep. I help, but I am now confident that he could do everything on his own. This is wonderful, and has changed our lives for the better.

2017-03-08 17:21:32 -

Grantham , Illinois

"I loved your alarm from the first night and it work every time after!"

We have a 7 year old boy who was so wet in the mornings that he was soaking through a nightime pull-up! We had previously purchased a Rodger wireless alarm and was very disappointed with it. The sensor is at the top of the underwear and I don't know any kids that's pee straight up, so the alarm didn't go off very often. I found your DryBuddyEZ alarm and loved that it had a strong underwear clip for a rough sleeper. I loved your alarm from the first night and it work every time after! It was easy to use, so much so that he could use it himself. In three weeks he was staying dry all night, and has only had 1 wet night in the 3 weeks following. He is so proud of himself and so are we!

2017-03-08 01:45:43 -

E. Roberts, Washington

"Worked in less than 3 months."

Worked for my 7 year old grand daughter. Took less then 2 months.

2017-03-08 16:58:10 -

Joan Meeter, California

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