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Reviews of DryBuddyEZ+

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"We were pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to use."

We were pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to use. This little device has helped my wife and I get some much needed sleep as we have to change our daughters underwear much less since we attached drybuddy(EZ) to her at night time.

2017-03-08 18:44:07 -

Michelle , Ohio

"This DryBuddy+ 2 product worked great."

My kid was peeing in the bed nearly every night. It took about 3 weeks for him to stop completely. This product worked great. I bought it because of its great price in comparison to other outrageously priced products. He color is nice too. The new mag sensor of DryBuddyEZ+2 is really easy to use. Thank you.

2017-03-08 01:41:35 -

Charles C, Texas

"Very good results after first week."

Very good results after first week.

2017-03-08 18:48:16 -

BTominski, Pennsylvania

"A great alternative at a much more reasonable price than Malem."

We have 2 boys, close in age. We bought a Malem alarm for the older one to start potty training at night. When the younger boy wanted to start using it, but the older wasn't done with his, we didn't want to buy a second Malem because of the expense. The DryBuddyEZ+ was a great alternative, at a much more reasonable price than the Malem. Love the magnetic sensor.

2017-03-08 17:06:08 -

Ed Boulineau, Missouri

"It is very easy to use."

Our 6 year old son, often wet the bed nightly. We noticed improvement one week after using the DryBuddyEz. We are all now sleeping much better and have less laundry. I now have to remind myself when it is time to wash his sheets, rather than washing them daily. We still use the DryBuddyEZ each night and still have an accident once every two weeks. My son is capable of hooking the DryBuddyEZ up to his shirt and underwear all on his own. This is important because it allows him to be more independent and assume an active role in his bedwetting. So, it is very easy to use.

2017-03-08 19:03:37 -

Dan K, Ontario

"Its the best product out there!!"

I have an 11 year old daughter. Since we started using DryBuddyEZ she hasn't wet once. Its the best product out there!!

2017-03-08 18:58:43 -

Mindy , New Jersey

"Excellent Bedwetting Alarm"

I got this alarm for my 7 year old son, who had not yet had a dry night. We had tried another alarm costing almost $100 and has lots of commendations. But it was a flop for us, so I wonder about the commendations. My son's pediatrician suggested that I look at the internet site that show every alarm in detail, so I could determine which might work best for us. I saw that the DryBuddyEZ+ had more feature than the previous hyped flop and it was so inexpensive that I felt that even if I threw it away it would not be much of a loss.
The DryBuddyEZ+ has worked very well for my son. I love the attachmnet to the shirt, so I can use the clip or safety pin. This is much firmer than the attachment for the previous item which was unsuccessful for us. The sensor cable was well designed with a telephone type connector which did not come out at night (unlike our previous bad experience), and the magnet attachment to the briefs was plenty tight. I tested it several times and it held very well in my opinion, and never came of the briefs by accident. After 5 weeks my son is dry. Since this is the purpose of the DryBuddyEZ+ and it has worked so well, I would give it 5 stars. I am also recommending it to others I know who may be involved with bedwetting. Excellent alarm, and I recommend it.

2017-03-08 17:01:37 -

Frank Diulmare, Texas

"Hey, that works for me! :)"

My five year old son has only been using the device for 3 nights. The first two nights it woke us up 3 times during the night, but last night it happened only once. He can't feel the urge to urinate when he's sleeping, but he really doesn't like to be woken up by the "beeper" (he calls DryBuddyEZ). I took out the old baby monitors for the night bc he is such a deep sleeper, I have to actually go over and wake him up as I hear the alarm sound. But to my surprise the "damage" after the fact is minimal! He only has a wet spot on his underwear and usually I don't even have to change his sheets. Even if he doesn't wake up to the sound (or vibration) somehow it makes him stop urinating. Hey, that works for me! :)

2017-03-08 17:25:48 -

Victor Hammond, Illinois

"Thank you DryBuddy."

I am a senior citizen living with my daughter and her family. At night, when sleeping, I sometimes cannot control my bladder. Although a bedwetting alarm was suggested to me, I could not quite get myself to spend my limited money on a bedwetting alarm. But the DryBuddyEZ was so reasonably priced. Also, they had an optional extra-long sensor cable which I needed. I bought one, and it has worked very well for me. I recognize that I have incontinence and shall never stop bedwetting. But being able to wake up promptly when I wet, and thus being able to further control my wetting and cleanup, has made a big difference for me and my family. Thank you DryBuddy. As you say in your advertising, you really are providing “affordable innovation.”

2017-03-08 17:27:09 -

Derek , California

"After the first night with this product she has stopped wetting almost completely!"

We have tried absolutely everything to help our daughter stop wetting the bed, and nothing worked. After the first night with this product she has stopped wetting almost completely!

2017-03-08 19:06:53 -

Ann Marie, Maine

"We are confident that this system will cure this situation."

My son is 11 and has not had to many dry nights in his life. He is very (almost to a fault) conscious of his "wet" situation and avoids most spend the night invitations/summer camps. We bought the drybuddy to ease his anxiety in this and hopefully get him to have a dry night. Both have not happened, not due to the system but, him getting use to getting up going to the bathroom and not in his bed. This will take time I know. We are confident that this system will cure this situation.

2017-03-08 18:52:38 -

Kelly , Idaho

"I recommend this product."

This product lived up to everything they said it would. My six year old son is almost cured of his bed wetting after 2 months. He never had a dry night for his first 6 years. If he does have an accident it is so small it usually only requires a change of underwear. I would recommend this Dry Buddy EZ+ 2.

2017-03-08 18:42:53 -

Ed , Missouri

"My son has been doing great since we started using it."

My son has been doing great since we started using it. The alarm scares him to death so we just use the vibration. Thank goodness we have that option!!!

2017-03-08 18:33:15 -

Sollie, Oregon

"...she feels so good about herself!!!"

Purchased for my 7.5 year old daughter. She is a heavy sleeper who never had a dry night. We had tried just setting alarms and waking her up but I had not worked. The pediatrician recommended dry buddy. I was excited to see EZ as the price was affordable. The first 3 nights it woke her up multiple times. We used good night mattress pads so we didn't have to completely change sheets. 4th night she woke up herself - in her words - just as she started to pee. Two nights woke up without the alarm. Then she asked to go without alarm and she had an accident. We used the dry buddy 5 more nights - with the alarm going off only one of those nights - the others she woke up herself. So, in 10 days, my beautiful daughter went from diapers to dry and she feels so good about herself!!!

2017-03-08 18:41:58 -

MiMi, Virginia

"Within 2 weeks, he was no longer wetting at night!"

My 8 year old son was struggling with bedwetting and was very discouraged and frustrated. This prompted me to purchase the DryBuddyEZ+. I wish I had done so much sooner! Within 2 weeks, he was no longer wetting at night! The cost was worth it as I no longer have to buy pull ups for night time.

2017-03-08 18:28:10 -

Hal Lindsey, Michigan

"Very easy to use. Happy with the quality I've got."

DryBuddyEZ+ is very easy to use. Happy with the quality I've got. Used cheaper ones from China with no brand name and they only work for 2-3 times. This one we had for several weeks and is working fine.

2017-03-08 18:38:34 -

Larry Hughes, Iowa

"Sensor best available."

My purchase was only for the sensor. My son had an issue with nocturnal enuresis long ago, and it has recently returned. I built him an alarm the first time around because he tends to sleep through everything, and I needed something VERY loud to wake him. I needed the sensor in order to build him another alarm.
The construction and design of the sensor clip seemed to be the best available, which is why I purchased it.

2017-03-08 19:04:54 -


"It worked and it worked quickly."

It worked and it worked quickly. In just two weeks of wearing the alarm, our 8yo son stopped bed wetting.

2017-03-08 19:08:19 -

Go Navy !, Maryland

"Waking up every night and getting more comfortable."

Adam is waking up to the alarm every night. He also is getting more comfortable with going and spending the night at friends houses.

2017-03-08 18:57:08 -

Kasey Magoo, California

"Good Results."

Good results, positive direction and most of all drug free!

2017-03-08 19:06:00 -

Marc, Tennessee

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