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"Great alarm. Easy to use."

We used the DryBuddyEZ+ model 2 with the new magnetic sensor with my son, age 6. We both thought that it was easy to use and worked well. The sensor is much better than what I see with other alarms. It attaches and cleans very easily. In less than a month my son's bedwetting was stopped. What is unusual, compared to what I heard from friends with other alarms, is that the DrybuddyEZ+ worked very well for us with no glitches.

Thanks, DryBuddy.

2017-06-11 00:09:18 -

Jennifer Stone, Texas

"It worked for my 9 year old son, after nothing else had!"

My son is 9 years old, and has wet the bed for years.  We had tried everything- limiting liquids after 6 pm, limiting dairy products after 4 pm, waking him up to use the bathroom during the night, wearing pull ups, not wearing pull ups and even a bed alarm.  My son had had it!  After consulting with a urologist, she suggested that we try a bed alarm, before giving him medication to decrease nighttime urination.  I had tried an expensive bed alarm in the past, without success, so this time I did not want to spend a lot of money.  I was happy to see the price tag on the DryBuddy EZ, however I was skeptical about its effectiveness.  We started using the alarm in mid July.  The first two weeks the alarm sounded once a night almost every night, and then after two weeks, my son would be dry for several nights at a time.  This was a kid who never before could hold it for the whole night, so this was amazing.  The urologist had recommended that we keep using the alarm until he was dry for 30 nights in a row.  The last time he was wet was August 21.  He continued to stay dry for well past 30 days, and I am pleased to say that he no longer wears the alarm nor does he wet the bed.  I would definitely recommend the DryBuddy EZ, and my other advice is to be consistent!

2017-03-18 00:08:36 -

Kevin Ragland, New York

"Thank you very much.."

Thank you very much for your help. Excellent customer service. Speaks volumes of your work. The DryBuyddyEZ+ also woprks great.

2017-03-08 18:37:50 -

Polly, Rhode Island

"We will recommend you to anyone we run across who might need a DryBuddy!"

We appreciate your product and your prompt service and will recommend you to anyone we run across who might need a DryBuddy!

2017-03-08 18:32:15 -

Cliff, Michigan

"Absolutely recommended."

Absolutely recommended. We had tried so many things before this. Having the alarm wake us up so we could go get him worked so well. I think it made the difference. He hasn't had an accident at night in 3 weeks.

2017-03-18 00:07:09 -

Janice Crosby, ohio

"Drybuddyez+ is the best $35 dollar investment on the market"

I just wanted to let your company know that we used the Drybuddyez system for our 6 year old son. We were told by our pediatrician not to worry and he would grow out of this phase, but it was starting to upset our son that he was not dry during the night and his twin sister had already been dry since age two. It took a two months of hard work for our son and us. There were many sleepless nights, but we have no regrets. I am proud to say it has now been five months without one single accident and we no longer worry if our son wants to drink water or other fluids before bedtime. I fully believe if we had not used the Drybuddyez he would have not grown out of this phase. Our pediatrician is now aware of your product and has promised to recommend it to other patients. The unit was the best investment and we are thankful for the other testimonials which I read when we were making our decision to use the product.

2017-03-18 00:09:44 -

Sue Ann, Florida

"I just want to write and let you know I am so happy this product has worked for our son!"

I just want to write and let you know I am so happy about the Drybuddyez+, it has worked for our son! I guess it took a month. He's been dry now for 11 nights and we are so happy. He's nearly 10 and is such a deep sleeper. He only was dry overnight maybe 3 times in his life before this sensor was tried. And to think it only disrupted my sleep for about 4 weeks. We should have tried this sooner. I will encourage any friends I have with similar problems and tell his pediatrician at the next visit to recommend it to his patients. I would love to understand the reasons as to how this works. But thank you for inventing this great product!

2017-03-08 18:55:12 -

A. Ramsey, Arkansas

"The DryBuddy helped my 10 year old stop wetting the bed..."

The DryBuddyEZ+ system helped my 10 year old stop wetting the bed, within 2 weeks he was dry at least 50% of the time, within a month he was completely dry. We kept using it for about 3 months and today he is dry every night! He still has an occasional accident maybe once a month and those are the nights where we know he had too much to drink before bed or was really tired and slept really heavily. Thank you so much! We plan on using it on my daughter, we can already tell that she is going to be a bed wetter, right now she wears pulls up and is extremely wet in the morning and she is 5! We will probably try it on her when she turns 6 to try to put an early stop to it. Thanks again!

2017-03-08 18:35:56 -

Paula, Michigan

"This system was easy to use, comfortable for my son and it worked quickly."

We were extremely happy with the results. We thought we tried everything, but this alarm system worked like a charm. My son was 8 years old when we tried it, and I thought he would never be able to experience a dry night. This system was easy to use, comfortable for my son and it worked quickly.

2017-03-08 18:59:52 -

Kelham , Massachusetts

"It literally took THREE nights, and we had complete success. WOW. Yeh, DryBuddy!!!!!"

Our 5 1/2 year old son had never been dry at night. We'd try every few months (so as not to discourage him by trying and failing more frequently) to let him go to bed without a pull up, and inevitably he'd sleep through the night and wake to a very wet bed. Since we were going to start potty training his 2 1/2 year old brother, we were desperate to find a solution for our older son's bedwetting so his brother didn't "beat" him to a dry night. We bought the DryBuddy+2 system, and were pretty (okay, very) skeptical when we received the package--it didn't look particularly sophisticated for the price, and for what it promised to do. We were SHOCKED when, after 3 nights of using the Dry Buddy system (he was awakened by the alarm sensing "liquid" once during each of those three nights), our never-before-dry-at-night son was dry, through the night, and every single night thereafter. It literally took THREE nights, and we had complete success. WOW. Yeh, DryBuddy!!!!!

2017-03-08 01:44:37 -

Libby G, Virginia

"It's a brilliant system that lets the child stay in charge and be involved but also the parent can b"

It's a brilliant system that lets the child stay in charge and be involved but also the parent can be right there to help out when drowsiness is an issue. Our son loves the idea of 'getting a little help' and is very proud of his success.

2017-03-08 17:31:45 -

Johnny Walker, California

"Thank you so much for making this product."

When I potty trained my daughter at 21 mo. old it was partially b/c she stayed dry at night naturally since 17 mo and she never had accidents at night. Potty training at this young age was super easy b/c there was no resistance to deal with. So when my son was 22 mo and still not staying dry at night I still wanted to potty train him. He immediately did awesome during the days, but nights were a real problem. He would wet 2 to 3 times per night and not even wake up because of it. I only know b/c I'd go in to check him and he'd be wet, cold, and sleeping in it without recognition of his wetness. After a 11 nights of constant sheet changes I ordered the dry buddy. This was an almost instant success. After the first time the alarm went off he called me the next time he had to go! Over the first week he went from 2 to 3 accidents per night to no more than 2 in the first 3 days, then only 1 per night and our first dry night exactly one week after we started. From there he had 2 more nights with just 1 accident and now has been dry every night for 11 nights in a row! I am so excited and proud of him. Clearly he needed something (the dry buddy) to tell him that peeing meant you need to wake up. Now just over 2 weeks into it he has learned to wake up and call for me..."Mommy, potty!" when he has to go at night. He calls me once or twice now each night and I couldn't be happier. A trip or two to the potty is nothing compared to changing the sheets and bedding and all that laundry every morning. He is SO proud of him self too. Every morning he says "no trumpets mama!" and laughs (the alarm plays a trumpeting sound when wet). I am so happy we didn't have to go through years and years of night time diapers or pull-ups and all the emotional pain of being a big kid in diapers or worrying about sleeping at someone's house. He has done so perfect with daytime, I am so happy he can now be dry and use the potty successfully 24 hours per day. His confidence has grown in every way. Thank you so much for making this product. My parents both said they wetted their beds till 5 and 6 years old and were so ashamed as children and we were all worried my son was going to repeat that history; so glad dry-buddy helped him to reach is potty independence before his second birthday (next tuesday)!
Mom of 2 toddlers

2017-03-08 17:04:28 -

Candice , Pennsylvania

"A great product!"

We used DryBuddy for our 11-year old son first, and he was dry within 2 weeks. We have now been using it with our 6 year old daughter. After about 4 weeks of using the alarm, she is already dry most nights. I would heartily recommend this to anyone for the cure of bedwetting. A great product!
Mom of 8

2017-03-08 18:57:54 -

Mark Smith, Oregon

"I am so happy I got this product! My son 9 year old son was wetting the bed almost everynight."

It was frustrating to say the least. After one month of using the alarm he stopped completely. It took about 2 weeks of getting up with him because he still would sleep right through the alarm. I then found that he had either shut it off himself and went to the bathroom or it didn't even go off. We don't have to use it at all now. It was money well spent.

2017-03-08 18:28:57 -

Sally, Tennessee

"Great Product!"

We have successfully used the DryBuddy+! IT was amazing for my son's confidence…he is completely dry at night now and we are so grateful for such a great product!

2017-03-08 18:31:15 -

J. D. Salts, Nebraska

"Well done, DryBuddy. You are providing a REAL service to people with bedwetting problems."

I am so happy that at last there is a bedwetting alarm that works and is truly affordable. I have had the misfortune of using another brand which cost more than 3 times as much, had less features, and worked more poorly than the DryBuddyEZ. My original attitude was that at $29.99 for the DryBuddyEZ, if I did not like it, I could dispose of it and not feel the pain. Wish I could say that about the earlier ill-spent $100 alarm. I had heard that the DryBuddyEZ sensor may not stay clipped, but mine stayed clipped every time. If this was a problem, then I must give kudos to DryBuddy for fixing the problem, instead of just letting it ride like what happened with the lousy sensor for my previous bad experience. And the DryBuddyEZ offered several alarms, and TWO ways of attaching the alarm box to a night shirt, both of which worked. I don't know of any other bedwetting alarm that gives the user so much and costs so little. My daughter loves it, and so do I.
Well done, DryBuddy. You are providing a REAL service to people with bedwetting problems.

2017-03-08 16:52:31 -

Florence, Oklahoma

"We have tried other methods, and the alarm seems to be the best solution."

When we first got the DRYBUDDYEZ with magnets, my son was excited about using it. The first night it was a wet night for him because he was not used to the alarm. After that he was learning to stop urinating when he first heard the alarm. There have been many nights that with just a few drops, he would wake up and go to the restroom. I think that after some time, he will be free of bedwetting. We have tried other methods, and the alarm seems to be the best solution.

2017-03-08 18:30:17 -

James Green, Kentucky

"Simple and easy to use."

The clip sometimes fell off but mostly worked well. Our son could use it easily. At first it seemed the product would not solve our bed wetting problem but after about 4 weeks it worked! Very happy with the product. Simple and easy to use. Maybe if the light that indicated it was on flashed more? I often had to turn it off and on to make sure it was on.

2017-03-08 17:29:49 -

Jeremy Camden, Minnesota

"Now my daughter is dry. Thank you very much."

DryBuddyEZ looked attracted and low priced enough so I bought it for my 5 years old daughter. Her pediatrician suggested that we should start using an alarm to reduce her anxiety. Mine too.
It was very easy to set up. I used the safty pin so that i could place it near her shoulder and ear. Also this way the wire could go straight into the neck opeing of her shirt. The clip was firm on her tight cotton panties. In the 5 weeks she used DryBuddyEZ, the clip did not come loose even one time. She sleeps on her back and sides. I read in DryBuddyEZ FAQ that diapers should be used to protect the clip, and also to catch urine. I did this for 3 weeks, and by that time her wetting was only a little and sometimes. She also woke up to the alarm every time it was turned on. But I was there every time to help her. This was perfect.
Now my daughter is dry. Thank you very much.

2017-03-08 17:24:19 -

Thomas Hines, Pennsylvania

"This is Wonderful!"

I have been very pleased with your new DryBuddyEZ+2 bed-wetting alarm. It appeared to contain everything that I would expect and came at a very competitive price. I was not disappointed. My son is 6 and this was our first try using an alarm with him. Looking at the instructions, it was easy to set up. We all (my son, wife and I) practiced attaching the clip to the briefs. I will state that the clip held on really tight. Trying to pull it off made me wonder if the briefs might tear or the clip break. That is plenty tight for me. And it really was easy to attach.
We had been using Pull-Ups with my son for a few years, and decided to keep them on him over the alarm clip, to catch excess urine. That was certainly advisable till he learned to control himself.
The first night the alarm went off and I quickly went to my son. He was still asleep. I remembered reading that the alarm was set at the loudest advised by audiologists, and it seemed plenty loud for me. I and my wife had no trouble hearing it through open doors in our corridor. In the first week, there were two more times when we found our son still sleeping, but we made certain that he got up and cleaned up. We also noticed that within 10 days he was getting up by himself every time. But I was still there, just in case, and to provide him with support. I think that his knowing that I was supporting him also gave him more confidence.
Six weeks after he started, my son is dry. He and we have enough confidence so that we no longer use the alarm or Pull-Ups. This is wonderful, and worked as well as I could expect. Thank you, DryBuddy.

2017-03-08 01:42:38 -

John Colewell, Utah

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