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DryBuddy Discount Offer - Prescription

DryBuddy Discount Offer with Doctor’s Prescription

The Offer:

Get a discount of up to 20% (twenty percent) from the current price of DryBuddy’s innovative bedwetting alarms when you get a new prescription from the patient’s Doctor.

DryBuddy is offering the following alarms at a special patient discount:

With a valid Doctor’s prescription you will get up to a 20% discount from the current sale price of the bedwetting alarm of your choice. You can decide if you want to get the DryBuddy alarm directly from DryBuddy, or from Amazon.com.

  • a. A 20% (twenty percent) discount will be provided from the price as quoted on www.DryBuddy.com, or
  • b. A 10% (ten percent) discount will be provided from the price as quoted on Amazon.com
  • at the time the order is placed.

Any applicable shipping costs or taxes are not discounted.

Only one such Discount Offer can be used by a family.

How to Place your Order and get the Discount:

You can get one (1) of the above DryBuddy alarms per patient by doing the following:

1. Get a prescription from the patient’s Doctor. The prescription must be:

  • a. Written on the Doctor’s official prescription scrip. The scrip must have printed on it:
    • i. the Doctor’s name (or name of the Doctor’s Practice),
    • ii. Postal address of the Practice,
    • iii. Contact information (telephone number/email address/FAX number),
    • iv. The Medical License number of the Doctor or Practice.
  • b. The prescription must have written on it the Patient’s name in full. Only one patient per prescription.
  • c. The prescription must have written on it the specific name of the DryBuddy alarm in full.
  • d. The prescription must be signed and dated by the Doctor.

Please note that a valid Doctor’s prescription will be needed by you if you intend to apply for re-imbursement from your health insurance, or deduct the cost from your income taxes.

2. Send the prescription to DryBuddy by Fax or email. To send by email you must scan the prescription and send the scanned image.

3. Wait at least two hours after you send/transmit the prescription to DryBuddy. Telephone DryBuddy to place your order by phone

  • Telephone: 912-352-8854

The telephone call can only be received between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on regular business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

4. DryBuddy must confirm that the Doctor’s prescription has been received before taking your order.

5. To place your order by telephone you will need to provide appropriate information as may be required for the ordering process:

  • a. To order from DryBuddy.com, you will require a valid credit card (American Express/Discover/Master Card/Visa), which will be charged for your order. You will be charged the discounted product price plus any applicable shipping fees and taxes.
  • b. To order from Amazon.com you will not pay anything to DryBuddy. Your order will be registered, and an applicable Amazon.com Discount Code will be sent to you by email, which will be for a discount of 10% from the current price on Amazon.com. You will order your product directly from Amazon.com and enter the Discount Code to receive your 10% discount. Please note that this discount code will only be applicable to the specific item ordered, and will be valid for 10 (ten) days from the date of the telephone contact.
  • c. As part of the ordering process, you will need to provide your full name, postal address, valid telephone number, and valid email address, including the full name and address to which the order will be sent.

6. For DryBuddy.com orders, a confirmation, including the tracking number for the order, will be emailed to you when the order is shipped. All orders are taken and filled as per the standard terms and conditions of sale from DryBuddy.com, details of which can be found here Terms & Conditions of Sale.

By applying for the purchase of a DryBuddy bedwetting alarm under this discount program, the applicant is agreeing to this purchase being for the use of the named patient, and also agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Sale.

This Prescription Discount Offer is only available to end-user patients in the U.S.