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DryBuddy 2 - Our Suggestions

  • Please first read Panels 1 through 3 of the Quick-Use Instructions to familiarize yourself with the DryBuddy2 and its use.
  • The DryBuddy 2 offers many options so that you can customize it for your needs. Get familiar with these options and try them so that you can identify and use what best suits you.
  • Carry the receiver (alarm box) in a pant pocket very conveniently. The size and volume of the receiver is significantly less than many cell phones.
  • For use when sleeping, place the receiver beside the user’s pillow. This is ideally comfortable for most users. There is no discomfort as can be caused by clipping or attaching the alarm box to the user’s clothes or body. The receiver can also be placed on a bed-side table or convenient location close to the user.
  • For male patients who sleep on their sides, the wetness sensing briefs are very effective in catching the urine discharge regardless of the sleeping posture of the user.
  • Consider getting additional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs if your child or patient might wet multiple times and it is not possible to wash and dry soiled briefs on a timely basis.
  • When using regular cotton briefs, we have found that thicker cotton material allows the briefs to soak and spread the urine discharge faster and more effectively to the sensor. The DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs that we provide are made from thick soft cotton material.
  • When using the sensor magnetically attached to regular cotton briefs, if your patient or child finds it uncomfortable to have the sensor pulling down on the briefs, put on another pair of firm-fitting briefs over the first briefs with the sensor attached. This helps to keep everything snug and in place.
  • You can place wetness-absorbing briefs or pants over the first briefs with sensor attached, so that excess urine is absorbed by these absorbing devices. This can also be done when using the DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.
  • For hard-to-wake patients or patients who may be hearing impaired, setting the DryBuddy 2 receiver to Sound+Strong Vibration and placing it in the pocket of the user is helpful. Tape can be used to seal the pocket closed, especially when the user is sleeping.
  • A small battery carrying case has been provided to conveniently carry two new AAA alkaline batteries to replace the batteries in the DryBuddy 2 receiver when the user may be spending significant time away from home. A small screwdriver is also provided in the battery case to help with the removal and installation of replacement batteries. Please use the screwdriver carefully so that it does not cause any injury.