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DryBuddyEZ+ - FAQ

Q What is the difference between the DryBuddyEZ, the DryBuddyEZ+ and the DryBuddyEZ+ 2?
Q My son sleeps on his stomach. When moving around at night, his hip movement can make the clip come off the briefs. What should I do?
Q My child does not wake up when the alarm sounds. What should I do?
Q The DryBuddyEZ alarm worked fine for several days. Then, every night, my child wakes up wet and we find that the alarm has been turned off. The alarm tests OK. What should we do?
Q How does the DryBuddy system sense wetness? What should a user understand to better use the DryBuddy system?
Q How should I attach the sensor clip to the briefs?
Q How should I attach the magnetic sensor to the briefs? Can I attach the sensor to Pull-ups?
Q What type of underwear should I use with a magnetic sensor attached to it?
Q If I turn on the alarm box and then attach a dry sensor which has not even been attached to briefs, the alarm sounds. What is wrong?
Q Where do I place the sensor on his or her standard cotton briefs?
Q Where do I place the magnetic sensor on his or her standard cotton briefs?
Q How and where should I attach the alarm?
Q The metal pad on the magnetic sensor is scratched. Why is that?
Q Why is a safety pin included with the DryBuddyEZ?
Q Should I use the clip or the safety-pin to attach the alarm?
Q The DryBuddyEZ alarm box slips off the plastic clip at night. What should I do?
Q On some nights, when the user passes a little urine, the alarm does not get triggered. Why is that?
Q How can I test the sensor to verify that it is working?
Q I tried to test the sensor by attaching it to some cotton cloth and wetting the cloth adequately with water. The alarm did not sound. What is wrong?
Q How should I clean the sensor after it is soiled?
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