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DryBuddy 2 - FAQ

Q My son sleeps on his stomach. When moving around at night, his hip movement can make the magnetic sensor come off the briefs. What should I do?
Q I received a DryBuddy box which had been opened and resealed by DryBuddy with an official seal. Why is that?
Q My child does not wake up when the alarm sounds. What should I do?
Q The DryBuddy alarm worked fine for several days. Then, every night, my child wakes up wet and we find that the alarm has been turned off. The alarm tests OK. What should we do?
Q My child has been using the DryBuddy System and has been dry for the past five nights? Should I stop using DryBuddy, or how do I know when to stop using it?
Q I started using the DryBuddy alarm a few days ago. When the alarm sounds and I go and check my child, he is wet. What is happening?
Q How do I synchronize the system?
Q Where should I place the receiver?
Q How close must I place a receiver so that the sensor's signal will be received by the receiver?
Q I need to monitor my child during the day. My child also likes to play in our yard. Can I use DryBuddy1 under these circumstances?
Q How sensitive is the DryBuddy sensor to sensing
Q How can I test the sensor to verify that it is working?
Q When the sensor is triggered and transmits its signal, it "sleeps" for 2 minutes, so it cannot be used immediately. Why build in this delay?
Q I tried to test the sensor by attaching it to some cotton cloth and wetting the cloth adequately with water. The alarm did not sound. What is wrong?
Q How should I clean the sensor after it is soiled?
Q How should I clean the DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs after it is soiled?
Q Are batteries used in the DryBuddy 2 or DryBuddy 1 system? Will users need to replace batteries?
Q How long does the battery in the sensor last?
Q Can I leave the sensor attached to wet briefs indefinitely?
Q How soon can I start using the sensor after it has been soiled?
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