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DryBuddy 2 - FAQ

Q Where do I place the magnetic sensor on his or her standard cotton briefs?
Q When should I get a DryBuddy 2 or DryBuddy 1 as opposed to a DryBuddyFLEX?
Q Is one type of clothing better or worse than another for use with the DryBuddy1 magnetic sensor?
Q How does the DryBuddy system senses wetness? What should a user understand to better use the DryBuddy system?
Q What type of underwear should I use with a magnetic sensor attached to it?
Q I cannot decide whether to use the magnetic sensor or the DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. Any suggestions?
Q How should I attach the magnetic sensor to the briefs? Can I attach the sensor to Pull-ups?
Q Can I attach the magnetic sensor to a diaper using its cap as with regular briefs?
Q How should I attach a DryBuddy Magnetic Sensor to a Wetness Sensing Brief?
Q Where do I place the sensor on his or her standard cotton briefs?
Q Any suggestions for what cotton material in briefs works best?
Q How do I measure for the size for the DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs?
Q My DryBuddyFLEX / DryBuddy 2 wireless alarm was working. Then it stoppped working. It tests OK but the sensor does not send the signal to the receiver. What should I do?
Q If my wireless DryBuddy 2 system stops working, what should I do first?
Q Are there any briefs that were used to design your wetness sensing briefs as a template?
Q When using the magnetic sensor attached to regular cotton briefs, how can I make the sensor fit more "snug" and "firm?"
Q The metal pad on the magnetic sensor is scratched. Why is that?
Q My child sometimes plays with or pulls off the sensor without realizing that he is doing it. How can I prevent this from happening?
Q My son sleeps on his stomach. When moving around at night, his hip movement can make the magnetic sensor come off the briefs. What should I do?
Q I received a DryBuddy box which had been opened and resealed by DryBuddy with an official seal. Why is that?
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