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DryBuddyEZ+ 2 New Magnetic Sensor Bedwetting Alarm System

The DryBuddyEZ+ 2 is our 2nd generation full-featured wired bedwetting and enuresis alarm using our unique and new patented magnetic sensor, improved as the Model 2. It includes an audio alarm (with volume control), vibration, and a combination. It is perspiration resistant. The magnetic sensor has an improved design.

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DryBuddyEZ+ 2 bed-wetting and enuresis alarm. The DryBuddyEZ+ 2 is our 2nd generation full-featured wired bedwetting alarm using our unique and new patented magnetic sensor, improved as the Model 2. It includes an audio alarm (with full-range volume control), vibration, and a combination. The magnetic sensor has an improved design. The DryBuddyEZ+ 2 is perspiration resistant, so it will not be triggered by perspiration. The alarm box has flexible attachments to the night shirt (clip plus safety pin(s)). The magnetic sensor is tightly clamped magnetically to regular cotton briefs. It is the easiest-to-use and clean sensor anywhere. The sensor cable is attached to the alarm box with a 616E "telephone jack" type connector which will not come loose unintentionally. 2 AAA alkaline batteries are included. A full-featured bed wetting alarm with great value.One (1) year limited warranty on the alarm box and sensor. Batteries and damage are not covered by the warranty. Free shipping available (domestic U.S. only) by First Class U.S. mail (uninsured).

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight (oz) 5.2100
Manufacturer DryBuddy
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Customer Reviews (9)

Product ReviewReview by Patricia Yaros
My grandson had been wetting the bed every night of his 10-year-old life, unless his mother got up in the middle of the night to take him to the bathroom. A product from another company did not work for them. DryBuddyEZ+2 worked! Now he stays dry overnight. The gentle vibrating is enough to wake him up so that he can go to the bathroom on his own, and then back to bed. Thank you for an excellent product that has benefited the family so much! (Posted on 12/20/2017)
Product ReviewReview by Jane B.
This system worked like magic for my 6-year-old daughter. I had specifically looked for a product that wouldn't sound an alarm for perspiration and was easy to clean--this product fit the bill. Within two to three weeks of her wearing it nightly, she was unable to stop wearing it and has been accident-free since. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any parent. It's worth every cent! (Posted on 09/20/2017)
Product ReviewReview by Customer
I purchased this after the electronics failed with a different company's alarm system. I liked that this was simple (music, vibrate, or both), and the strong magnet seemed better suited for cleaning and re-attaching in the middle of the night than the previous alarm. I have been pleased with this from day one. The music is loud enough to wake up my son, and it's easy for him to get "hooked up" with only a little help to hook the box on the back of his shirt. In my opinion, this is one of the best systems out there for a great price! (Posted on 08/30/2017)
Product ReviewReview by Dave D - Maryland
So far this thing has worked excellent. My son is 11 (yes) and still having issues with wetting bed. He falls into a very deep sleep and has a hard time waking up for anything. I had the same problem when I was little. We have used this device for about a week now and he has waken up like clockwork every night around 330 am to use the bathroom. It is truly a miracle. All it takes is a few drops of pee for this thing to activate. When I go to check on him he is not saturated in pee, but maybe just a tiny bit. The music / alarm is a little bit annoying sound, but I guess that's the point; he wears the vibrator sensor clipped to the collar of his tshirt, so it wakes him up no problem. For the cost of this thing, if it saves me the cost of buying another couple packages of Pull Ups, then it has paid for itself. He is very excited to have this problem be over, as he is starting middle school this year and is really struggling with confidence, not to mention all of the worries when he wants to spend the night over a friends house. So basically, this thing is awesome. Exactly as advertised, would suggest to anyone with similar issues.
Dave D - Maryland (Posted on 08/21/2017)
Great alarm. Easy to use.Review by Jennifer Stone, Texas
I have used the DryBuddyEZ+ model 2 with the new magnetic sensor with my son, age 6. We both thought that it was easy to use and worked well. The sensor is much better than what I see with other alarms. It attaches and cleans very easily. In less than a month my son's bedwetting was stopped. What is unusual, compared to what I heard from friends with other alarms, is that the DrybuddyEZ+ worked very well for us with no glitches.
Thanks, DryBuddy.
(Posted on 06/09/2017)
It worked for my 9 year old son, after nothing else had! Review by Kevin Ragland, New York
My son is 9 years old, and has wet the bed for years. We had tried everything- limiting liquids after 6 pm, limiting dairy products after 4 pm, waking him up to use the bathroom during the night, wearing pull ups, not wearing pull ups and even a bed alarm. My son had had it! After consulting with a urologist, she suggested that we try a bed alarm, before giving him medication to decrease nighttime urination. I had tried an expensive bed alarm in the past, without success, so this time I did not want to spend a lot of money. I was happy to see the price tag on the DryBuddy EZ, however I was skeptical about its effectiveness. We started using the alarm in mid July. The first two weeks the alarm sounded once a night almost every night, and then after two weeks, my son would be dry for several nights at a time. This was a kid who never before could hold it for the whole night, so this was amazing. The urologist had recommended that we keep using the alarm until he was dry for 30 nights in a row. The last time he was wet was August 21. He continued to stay dry for well past 30 days, and I am pleased to say that he no longer wears the alarm nor does he wet the bed. I would definitely recommend the DryBuddy EZ, and my other advice is to be consistent! (Posted on 03/27/2017)
Drybuddyez + 2 is the big easyReview by Peggy Hofstra, Louisiana
Living here in New Orleans, we have sorts issues and my 3rd child has them all. He is hyperactive and a motormouth all wrapped in pint sized body. To top it all off, he used to wet the bed every night. So we bought the Drybuddy alarm, it took us nearly two months but he hasn't 15 days finally writing this review to y'all know it works. (Posted on 03/28/2017)
Very strong magnetReview by Allen Eady, Arizona
We bought the Drybuddyez Plus 2 system for our overactive child and it has been exactly what we needed. He can jump and bounce his way into and out of every bed in our house from 7:45 to 8:30, but what he can't do is shake the Drybuddyez 2 plus system from his clothes. We have made steady progress from the first day to present. he used to three times a night but now he is dry three to four days per week. (Posted on 04/01/2017)
Worked wonders. Easy to use.Review by April Grannolli, S. Carolina
The DryBuddyEZ+ 2 is very easy to use. Our son, age 6, used it from the first day. The magnetic sensor was held in place with one hand and the little piece would snap into its matching place as if by magic. Cleaning it was also very easy.
He used the built in clip to attach it at his collar. The alarm went off without fail and within 12 days his wetting was cured, This is an alarm that I would certainly recommend. (Posted on 04/04/2017)



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