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DryBuddy1 Wireless Mobile Magnetic Sensor System

The DryBuddy1 is the first alarm designed for convenient mobile use away from home and normal use within the home. Privacy, discretion and comfort for the mobile user. Use at home with exceptionally loud and strong audio and vibration alarms which can be adjusted. True-wireless convenience. Special needs friendly. Please read Details for important additional information.

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The DryBuddy1 is the world's first and true-mobile, portable, true-wireless bedwetting, enuresis and incontinence alarm using our unique and patented magnetic sensor. It includes a portable battery-powered receiver with audio alarm (with volume control), strong and mild vibration settings, and a combination of audio and vibration. The DryBuddy1 can be used conveniently with complete privacy when in a public setting, or set to provide the loudest sound and strongest vibration of any battery-powered bedwetting alarm. The receiver (alarm box) can be very conveniently carried in a pocket of the user, or placed beside the user if the user is sleeping. The wireless magnetic sensor can be used with standard cotton briefs, or with the optional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. The magnetic sensor is tightly clamped magnetically to regular cotton briefs. It is the easiest-to-use and clean sensor anywhere. The DryBuddy1 is perspiration resistant, so it will not be triggered by perspiration. A battery carrying case containing 2 AAA alkaline batteries and a small screwdriver is included so that the user has fresh power available when the device is being used outside the house. One (1) year limited warranty on the receiver and sensor. Batteries and damage are not covered by the warranty. Free shipping available (domestic U.S. only) by First Class U.S. mail (uninsured).

Very easy to use, convenient and reliable. Perspiration resistant. Very easy and convenient to clean.

DryBuddy is well known as the designer and creator of the most innovative and convenient wireless bedwetting alarm systems.

Note: The DryBuddy 1 is a personal alarm and must be kept in the close vicinity of the user. It has a maximum wireless transmission distance of 7 feet (2 meters). If a longer transmission distance is required, please use the DryBuddy 2 which has a maximum transmission distance of 72 feet. (22 meters) .






















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Additional Info

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Manufacturer DryBuddy
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Customer Reviews (8)

Product ReviewReview by Joel Dunn, MN
Excellent product. Helpful tool. Love the wireless feature. Works well. Easy to set up and use. (Posted on 04/25/2018)
I am pleased with the DryBuddy1.Review by Robert Duesdieker
I switched over from DryBuddy EZ. I like the new system, particularly the wireless, but am still getting accustomed to not wearing the sensor (I am sure I will). Everything works just fine, and as it was advertised. I am pleased with the DryBuddy1. (Posted on 03/21/2018)
Excellent product and supportReview by Brown, MI
My experience with DryBuddy has been excellent. I got the new DryBuddy1 for my 10 year old who has been having problems with incontinence. He does not have reliable control, and can empty his bladder at any time. He often does not realize or feel that this has happened, and so wears pull-ups even to school. It can be several hours before he realizes that this has happened and get a chance to clean himself. This has resulted in an almost continuous rash which is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

He has been using the DryBuddy1 at school and at home. When he feels the vibration, he gets the attention of his teacher. His teacher has been very understanding about the situation and lets him go and clean himself. He carries fresh briefs in a little bag and uses them after cleaning himself. In the last month this has resulted in his rash going away.
The support people at DryBuddy have also been very helpful in helping me to make full use of the features of the DryBuddy1, I did have occasional problems at night when the sensor did not appear to catch the wetness. They advised me that this can happen when a boy is sleeping on his side, so that the sensor does not get wet "in a rush." On their advise I got the wetness sensing briefs and the sensor has worked wonderfully every time.

I strongly recommend the DryBuddy1. This is a great device when used properly.
(Posted on 08/27/2017)
Product ReviewReview by Customer
A vast improvement over wired system. (Posted on 08/14/2017)
Works very well for age 76 incontinence.Review by Elena, Kansas
My good friend has been using the new DryBuddy1 for 2 months and loves it. She is 76 and has incontinence which causes her to wet without knowing that she has wet. She likes to go out and be with friends, but the embarrassment of “leaks” has been an issue. The DryBuddy1 has solved this. She attaches the wireless sensor to her briefs and carries the round flat wireless receiver in her pant pocket. When she wets, the receiver vibrates like a cell phone so she feels the vibration while no one else knows what has happened. This has changed her life where she is no longer worried about possible embarrassment. She uses it at home too so that she does not have to go and check herself every two hours, and can promptly dry herself whenever the wetting occurs. At night, so that she can be woken when wetting occurs, she places the receiver besides her pillow and sets the volume loud enough so that she can hear the alarm and switch it off.
This DryBuddy1 is a winner for her, and she asked me to recommend it for others who may have similar issues. Knowing how useful it is for her, I believe that the DryBuddy1 would be of great use to all persons who suffer from incontinence and may not be able to feel it or signal it to persons caring for them, including paraplegics or persons with communication difficulties.
(Posted on 04/23/2017)
92 year old and DrybuddyReview by Bryan Wooleston, Ohio
Dear Drybuddy,

I usually don't write reviews but this device has worked, greatly. We bought probably one your first of these Drybuddy1 wireless models. My father is 92 and walks around with wet underwear and sometimes we can see a wet spot coming through his Depends at the legs. We made him wear a regular undie and attached the sensor to it. The Depend was then put over the undie. It worked, and he so much better. He still wears his Depends, but he now knows when he must change them and he smells tremendously better.


Bryan (Posted on 04/03/2017)
Great device for incontinence alarming.Review by John Campbell, Louisiana
I am a senior citizen living in an assisted living facility. Many of us are incontinent, and cannot feel the wetness. I have been using the DryBuddy1 for over a month and it has improved my life a lot. During the daytime, I carry it in my trouser pocket and keep it on its soft vibration. I can move around throughout our facility and even go on short trips very conveniently. At night I set it beside my pillow with the music on. The trumpet fanfare is a welcome change from what other alarm sounds are like.
This DryBuddy1 has allowed me to take care of myself and participate with others without embarrassment. I wish that it was available years ago as it has been such a blessing. Get it and stop suffering the embarrassment of incontinence. Yes, I recommend it strongly. (Posted on 04/02/2017)
I cannot believe how well and how quickly this worked. DryBuddyy1 works beautifully.Review by Kevin Stanley, Massachusetts
I cannot believe how well and how quickly this worked. Our 9 year old boy wet just about every night. He had maybe 10 dry nights a year. We kept being told that he would eventually grow out of it, but he never did. We just settled into a daily routine of getting him into the shower every morning upon waking and washing the sheets. Vacations were bad when we stayed at family houses or hotels because he would have to wear a pull up while his younger sister did not. I could see his embarrassment. We finally figured we'd give a bed wetting alarm a try and chose DryBuddy1 because it was wireless. The briefs looked like they woiuld be the most comfortable way. We started 3 weeks ago and the alarm went off three times that first night. It then went off about twice a night for the next few nights. Then, about six days into using it, the alarm went off, but my son was insistent that he was dry. I realize now that my son was learning to stop wetting immediately upon hearing the alarm. So, although he thought he was dry, there must have been a few drops of urine that triggered the alarm. Then about eight days after using it, we had our first dry night. Maybe a couple more nights of the alarm going off, and then he just started having dry night after dry night. He has now been dry for 5 days. I wish I had documented it better, but I was thinking this process was going to take a couple of months. I never imagined it would only take a couple of weeks. I'm writing this today as he has not worn the alarm for 4 days. We keep waiting for a relapse but it hasn't happened yet. If it does, we will just start using the alarm again, but I really don't think it will happen beyond an occasional night here or there. I still can't wrap my head around how this works, but it clearly does. No joke, this may be the best money we've ever spent as a family.
Father of 9 year old boy (Posted on 04/05/2017)



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