Why Do You Need A Bedwetting Alarm

Nighttime bedwetting can be very traumatic and flustering for both children and parents or caregivers. It affects roughly a fair percentage of children past the age of 5, as the children get older the percentage drops steadily. Unfortunately 2 % to 5% of kids still have trouble with this condition until the age of 15. Fortunately, bedwetting is highly treatable, often with behavioral techniques and, if needed, medication.

Enuresis is the medical term for uncontrolled bedwetting. It is the unintentional sleep wetting by a healthy child above 5 years of age. For bedwetting advice, the first stop should be to your pediatrician or qualified medical practitioner. In most cases they will likely recommend initially limiting liquids before 2 hours before bed, and eliminating caffeine from their diets. If the child continues to wet the bed, the next step could be trying a bedwetting alarm.


It is difficult for a child to learn to hold their urine for an extended period of time, especially if they are a deep sleeper, so they should never be scolded or punished for something that they are unable to control. Bedwetting alarms can help children learn how to wake up on their own when they feel that their bladder is full.

There is no set age when a child needs to stop wetting the bed, and it is best not to put too much pressure on them when trying to help with this condition, but if the child is embarrassed when sleeping over at friends’ houses or you are tired of spending a small fortune on pull ups, then it is probably time to try out a bedwetting alarm. These types of devices tend to be most successful with kids over 7 years old.

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