Overcome Enuresis with DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms

Your child may have never had a bed wetting issue, or after overcoming bedwetting he/she might be wetting their bed at night. This could be due to stress, insecurity or other psychological or medical issues. There is no set age by which a child must stop bedwetting. Pressuring the child to stop could make matters worse. A bed wetting or enuresis alarm can serve as the first line of treatment for a first-time bed wetter, or for a resurgence of bedwetting.

DryBuddy Bedwetting and Enuresis Alarm systems are highly affordable, innovative alarms designed to solve bedwetting problems. As the acknowledged leader in wireless bedwetting alarms, these very convenient and affordable systems alert when bedwetting occurs, and help your child to wake and visit the restroom when the bladder is full. The alarm can help wake your child and also alert you or the caregiver so that you can support your child.

DryBuddy wireless alarms come with magnetic sensors that can be directly attached to regular cotton briefs, or used with DryBuddy’s comfortable wetness-sensing briefs.

All DryBuddy alarm systems and their magnetic sensors come with a limited one-year warranty. These alarms require no supplies for their use, saving substantial hassle and continuing costs.

Now you can get a 20% discount of DryBuddy’s innovative bedwetting alarms when you provide a prescription from the patient’s Doctor at the time the order is placed and order the system from DryBuddy.

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