DryBuddy1 – The Perfect Alarm for Incontinence. Use at home and on-the-go.

The DryBuddy1**  is the only incontinence alarm in the world specifically designed for mobile use and privacy when alarming. Its small disc-like shape and built-in battery power allows it to be carried comfortably in a pant pocket. It is a true wireless alarm, where no cable of any sort is used, providing great convenience and comfort.

When being carried in public places, the soft cell phone-like vibration preserves the privacy of the user. At home, it can produce a very loud alarm sound and very strong vibrations, louder and stronger than any other battery-powered alarm. The perfect and only viable solution for fighting incontinence – true mobility and privacy, with exceptional wireless convenience and flexibility for use at home and away from home.

Visit www.drybuddy.com to find out more about the extra-ordinary DryBuddy1.

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