DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms| Types |Advantages

Bedwetting or enuresis is a common yet stressful problem among children. Bedwetting affects five to seven million children in the United States and five hundred thousand children in the United Kingdom. Bedwetting is nothing but urinary incontinence that happens at night, after the age when a child should be able to control his / her bladder.

When it comes to managing nocturnal enuresis, the most economical and cost-effective treatment for Enuresis is Bedwetting alarm systems. These systems can help to increase the number of dry nights and also patient’s confidence and self-esteem level.

DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms- A complete solution for Enuresis

DryBuddy innovative and patented true wireless bedwetting alarm systems help you end bedwetting problems in your children. DryBuddy affordable patented products are uniquely designed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of your child.

The Enuresis solution provides three different types of bedwetting alarms, DryBuddyFLEX, DryBuddyEZ and DryBuddy1.


A wireless alarm system features powerful transceivers to receive and re-transmit wireless signals, wireless magnetic sensor for use with regular briefs or DryBuddy briefs, remote control and multiple alarms for convenience.


A unique full-featured bed wetting alarm system provides fully adjustable vibration & music alarm systems, patented flexible attachments (clip and safety-pin) and magnetic sensor for great ease and comfort.


The wireless DryBuddy1’s patented magnetic sensor attaches magnetically to regular briefs or DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. The alarm system comes with a combination of four built-in alarms and has no wires to cause discomfort or entanglement.

With over 500000+ success stories, DryBuddy alarm systems are considered to be the most effective long-term treatment for enuresis in children and adults. Stop bedwetting once and for all with DryBuddy innovative bedwetting alarm systems.

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