DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms: Stop bedwetting with ease and convenience

Bedwetting is a condition that influences the self-esteem of a kid and makes him/her mortified. This is where the use of bedwetting alarm comes in, bedwetting alarm is a tool that assists your kid to wake up from the sleep when his/her bladder is full.

Though bedwetting is more common among kids, it needs to be taken seriously. Treating it fast can prevent any inconvenience as well as the problem worsening, consulting a doctor or a medical specialist such as a gynaecologist or a specialist in continence can help you find out more and what treatments are available to you.

The Technical term for bedwetting is enuresis, the child cannot control his bladder after the age of five and this leads to bedwetting, before age five a child may wet the bed due to other factors. These factors can include heredity, a smaller bladder or maybe something as simple as being a deep sleeper and not able to feel the urge to go restroom.

Parents must be aware that a DryBuddy bedwetting alarm would be the greatest solution for any bed wetter within the family, these alarms commonly exist as wireless, but the wireless drybuddy bedwetting alarm would positively be the perfect one for your kids. Bed-wetting alarms perform as a behavior conditioning product.

The following might be one of the causes for bed wetting:

  • Physical problem
  • Psychological or emotional problem

Physical problems:

Physical problems may be due to any kind of kidney problem, bladder problem, abnormal nervous problem or the presence of certain diseases etc. leads to bedwetting. These problems can be treated with the help of DryBuddy Bedwetting alarm.

Psychological or emotional problems:

If there are no physical problems, then check out for any other emotional problems. Following can be the reason for bedwetting in children:

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Anxiety

These problems can also be solved using DryBuddy bedwetting alarm.

How DryBuddy works:

A simple 3-step process…

  • The DryBuddy sensor registers urination during sleep (or while the patient is awake).
  • Upon sensing the urine, the sensor sends a wireless signal which is picked up by a receiver in the patient’s room, attached to an alarm. The alarm is activated to wake the patient. At the same time, other receivers/alarms in the house also receive the signal.
  • The additional modules (in the caregiver’s room or elsewhere) then alert the caregiver, who wakes the patient and makes sure that the proper steps are taken. This is the difference between DryBuddy and other enuresis products – many children are too sleepy to take care of themselves on their own – that is why the intervention of a parent/caregiver is important and necessary for successful training. However, with DryBuddy, it is not necessary for the caregiver to sleep in the same room with the patient in order to be alerted. The remote control allows the caregiver to control the bedwetting alarm system from his/her bedroom.

Our Enuresis alarm stops bedwetting with ease and convenience for all!


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