Are Dry Nights A Nightmare?

Bed wetting with adults or elderly persons with special needs requires utmost attention, when adults wet the bed it is an indication of an underlying illness, disease, or a symptom of other untreated medical conditions, a bed wetting alarm can be instrumental in signaling to the patient and the caregiver that a bed wetting incident has occurred and that appropriate actions should be taken with respect to hygiene and further prevention.

Bedwetting alarm is a device which will indicate when a patient urinates.

One of the solutions to bed wetting is to use DryBuddy bedwetting alarms, this alarm helps your kid to raise up from the bed and run to the restroom when their bladder is full, it raises the alarm whenever it detects urine in your kids pyjamas.

DryBuddy Bedwetting Alarms are generally useful and successful in treating bed wetting. DryBuddyFLEX and DryBuddyEZ are relatively inexpensive and have been demonstrated to help a considerable range of bed wetting in children. These alarms may take several weeks or even months to work but they have a very good long-term success rate.



DryBuddyFLEX consist of true wireless magnetic sensor for use with standard cotton briefs or with optional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. A Remote control is also provided for exceptional convenience, where powerful transceivers used to receive and re-transmit wireless signals to other optional transceivers throughout the home. DryBuddyFLEX contains loud alarm with volume control. Use multiple transceivers or alarms for additional alerts and control. Optional alarms are available along with a bed shaker or audio alarm.

DryBuddyEZ+ Bedwetting Alarm


DryBuddyEZ is a full-featured highly affordable bedwetting alarm. Patented flexible attachments with clip or safety-pin, hold-tight sensor, and many more features. The alarm can be either sound, vibration or both. The sound can controlled using volume control. An Affordable Innovation for only $29.99

DryBuddy wants you to have the best for less. DryBuddy provides you more and better features for the money that you spend. Call it an excellent value and a great investment!

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