Adult Incontinence and Bed Wetting

Over 60 million women and 15 million men suffer from some form of adult urinary incontinence in the U.S. *   This can range from occasional to prevalent (daily) episodes of incontinence. Adult incontinence can cause significant issues in the lives and lifestyles of affected persons. Apart from the public humiliation if others notice or become aware of this problem, there is often a significant lowering of self esteem for the affected person.

Lifestyle changes frequently include avoiding going out to public places (visiting friends and going to recreational places) and being in the presence of strangers. Apart from the embarrassment, patients who may not be able to sense or respond to the wetness must rely on another person or caregiver to frequently check on the patient so that the patient does not suffer from the hygienic or physical consequences of remaining wet.

An immediate signal when the wetness occurs can be very effective to alert both the patient and the caregiver that wetting has occurred and action is needed.

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